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 Resumen de noticias: Nature

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· The importance of being introspective in the lab.

· Attosecond angular streaking and tunnelling time in atomic hydrogen.

· Visualizing DNA folding and RNA in embryos at single-cell resolution.

· Daily briefing: Top tips for undergraduates looking to break into the lab.

· The rise and fall of scientific authority ? and how to bring it back.

· Trump proposes slashing science spending at NSF.

· Bill Carter Jenkins (1945?2019).

· Daily briefing: What to do if your supervisor mistakes you for a chocolatier.

· Liquid marbles self-assemble from a pile of powder.

· A student?s guide to undergraduate research.

· Japan poised to allow ?reprogrammed? stem-cell therapy for damaged corneas.

· How I was almost mistaken for a chocolatier.

· REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast March 1918.

· Why father bees protect other dads? young.

· Australian scientists call for tougher restrictions on land clearing.

· Scientists track damage from controversial deep-sea mining method.

· Daily briefing: It?s 2050 and this is what we did to stop global warming.

· Thousands of scientists are backing the kids striking for climate change.

· Bull ?super dads? are being engineered to produce sperm from another father.

· English sea walls get wired to measure flood risk in real time.

· Podcast: Ebola in DRC, a new HIV treatment, and the proposed US budget.

· New York City climate-change plan proposes adding land to Manhattan.

· Lasers illuminate a human eyeball?s living cells.

· Mechanism of DNA translocation underlying chromatin remodelling by Snf2.

· Discovery of a pathway for terminal-alkyne amino acid biosynthesis.

· A distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud that is precise to one per cent.

· Germline gene-editing research needs rules.

· Hybrid embryos, ketamine drug and dark photons.

· Histone serotonylation is a permissive modification that enhances TFIID binding to H3K4me3.

· Molecular-decoration technique offers boost to medicinal chemists.

· Structure of the human LAT1?4F2hc heteromeric amino acid transporter complex.

· Daily briefing: Black and Hispanic Americans breathe more than their fair share of deadly air pollution.

· Optical clockcomparison for Lorentz symmetry testing.

· NIH supports call for moratorium on clinical uses of germline gene editing.

· Pore-forming small molecules offer a promising way to tackle cystic fibrosis.

· Feature-selective encoding of substrate vibrations in the forelimb somatosensory cortex.

· Enzyme-catalysed [6+4] cycloadditions in the biosynthesis of natural products.

· Novel insights from uncultivated genomes of the global human gut microbiome.

· Self-formed bedrock waterfalls.

· Site-selective and versatile aromatic C?H functionalization by thianthrenation.

· Small-molecule ion channels increase host defences in cystic fibrosis airway epithelia.

· Efficacy of MEK inhibition in patients with histiocytic neoplasms.

· Modification of histone proteins by serotonin in the nucleus.

· Publisher Correction: ?-Synuclein-reactive T cells induce autoimmune CNS grey matter degeneration.

· Supervised learning with quantum-enhanced feature spaces.

· Histone H3 trimethylation at lysine 36 guides m6A RNA modification co-transcriptionally.

· The wild side of discovery, a history of information warfare, and the immune system uncovered: Books in brief.

· Glucocorticoids promote breast cancer metastasis.

· Adopt a moratorium on heritable genome editing.

· Dynamics of breast-cancer relapse reveal late-recurring ER-positive genomic subgroups.

· Academies? action plan for germline editing.

· Please [redacted] my last e-mail.

· Machine learning in quantum spaces.

· Nearly half of global childhood cancer cases go undiagnosed.

· From the archive.

· Daily briefing: The sold-out science-based board game about birds.

· Scientists, help keep coal in the ground.

· How 2D semiconductors could extend Moore?s law.

· The mouse in the video game.

· How a biophysicist became a beacon of hope in the Middle East.

· ?Work on problems you most enjoy? ? Munk?s legacy.

· Super-sensitive telescope gets global governing body.

· How algorithms could bring empathy back to medicine.

· Broadband electro-optic frequency comb generation in a lithium niobate microring resonator.

· Why beer lovers owe a debt to the yeasts that ferment wine.

· Five tips for nailing your US-based graduate-school applications.

· How Africa can quell the next disease outbreaks.

· Daily briefing: Cuba acknowledges climate change threats in its constitution.

· Trump seeks big cuts to science funding ? again.

· How secret conversations inside cells are transforming biology.

· Thousands of measles deaths averted by Indian vaccination campaign.

· Cuba acknowledges climate change threats in its constitution.

· Violence propels Ebola outbreak towards 1,000 cases.

· Enzymes trapped and zapped for use outside cells.

· Daily briefing: Global teams shy away from risky science.


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