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 Resumen de noticias: Nature

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· Discovery of Galileo?s long-lost letter shows he edited his heretical ideas to fool the Inquisition.

· Discovery of vibrant deep-sea life prompts new worries over seabed mining.

· University says prominent food researcher committed academic misconduct.

· Japan?s asteroid mission drops first rovers onto ?dumpling? space rock.

· A daily aspirin might not be what the doctor ordered.

· Daily briefing: The cruel and futile war on obesity.

· How an atom forms a ?ghost? bond with a partner that isn?t there.

· The multitasking cell that can build the parts of a human skeleton.

· World's first animal was a pancake-shaped prehistoric ocean dweller.

· Daily briefing: China dominates ranking of research rising stars.

· The squid biologist connecting schools and scientists worldwide.

· Denisovan hybrid cave yields four more hominin bones.

· Publisher Correction: Magnetoelectric inversion of domain patterns.

· FDA proposes stiff fines for failing to report clinical trials.

· The role of CD32 during HIV-1 infection.

· Movers and shakers.

· Glider soaring via reinforcement learning in the field.

· Elimination of senescent cells prevents neurodegeneration in mice.

· Hydraulic diversity of forests regulates ecosystem resilience during drought.

· Filthy air is a global disgrace.

· African and Asian researchers are hampered by visa problems.

· T cells in patients withnarcolepsy target self-antigens of hypocretin neurons.

· Biodiversity: sparring makes us strong.

· A guide to the Nature Index.

· Biodiversity: honour guidelines that reconcile world views.

· A core problem in nuclear assembly.

· Timing the action of light on matter.

· Superstructures generated from truncated tetrahedral quantum dots.

· Challenger states.

· Job vacancies posted after being filled: it?s time to stop wasting everyone?s time.

· A new way to capture the brain?s electrical symphony.

· Tc toxin activation requires unfolding and refolding of a ?-propeller.

· Put to sleep by immune cells.

· Evidence that CD32a does notmark the HIV-1 latent reservoir.

· Green shoots.

· Clearance of senescent glial cells prevents tau-dependent pathology and cognitive decline.

· Absolute timing of the photoelectric effect.

· Device-independent quantum random-number generation.

· Biodiversity: ideas need time to mature.

· A dynamically young and perturbed Milky Way disk.

· The fast track.

· Reboot undergraduate courses for reproducibility.

· Nuclear envelope assembly defects link mitotic errors to chromothripsis.

· Biodiversity: squabbles don?t obscure the bigger picture.

· Podcast: Negative emissions and swarms under strain.

· Short proton bunches rapidly accelerate energetic electrons.

· Conflicting evidence for HIV enrichment in CD32+ CD4 T cells.

· Discovery relies on strong support staff.

· Transience of the North American High Plains landscape and its impact on surface water.

· Daily briefing: Why potentially useful human genes are being ignored by science.

· Don?t deploy negative emissions technologies without ethical analysis.

· Ice loss from the East Antarctic Ice Sheet during late Pleistocene interglacials.

· mRNA circularization by METTL3?eIF3h enhances translation and promotes oncogenesis.

· Ring nucleases deactivate type III CRISPR ribonucleases by degrading cyclic oligoadenylate.

· Descours et al. reply.

· Predicting scientific success.

· The 133rd Live Podcast of the Gourmando Resistance.

· Austrian agency shows how to tackle scientific misconduct.

· Top US science agency unveils hotly anticipated harassment policy.

· Decoding the phase structure of QCD via particle production at high energy.

· The world at their feet.

· Lab-death case, harassment rules and Luxembourg?s new space agency.

· From the archive.

· A history of substance.

· Prominent palaeontologist loses 1-million grant following bullying investigation.

· Revamped US biodefence strategy adds natural disasters and lab accidents.

· The exoplanet that could be Spock?s home world.

· Huge peer-review study reveals lack of women and non-Westerners.

· How female scientists can confront gender bias in the workplace.

· Clever chemistry offers new source of jet fuel.

· Daily briefing: Why lab students keep getting the same remarkably wrong answer.

· Reimagining of Schrdinger?s cat breaks quantum mechanics ? and stumps physicists.

· Prehistoric children as young as eight worked as brickmakers and miners.

· Pathologists ?meet their match in tumour-spotting algorithm.

· The role of miniaturization in the evolution of the mammalian jaw and middle ear.


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